Thursday, April 21, 2016

ESPN fires analyst (Curt Schilling) for offensive social media post

Curt Schilling, former Boston Red Sox pitcher and ESPN analyst, has been terminated by ESPN for an apparently sexist Facebook post concerning the recent flap over North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” which, apparently if unintentionally, encompasses a lot of other rooms besides bathrooms.
Curt Schilling has his own take, “The hunt to be offended” on his own Wordpress blog post here.

The New York Times has an account of the firing by Richard Sandomir here.

But I wonder, was this post on his own personal Facebook page, or was it one that represented ESPN?  But Facebook’s real name policies and concept of a “pubic figure” or “athlete” etc, page tends to deny the idea of a double life anyway.

Major League Baseball has become quite visible in promoting its own non-discrimination policies, including sexual orientation.

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