Saturday, March 19, 2016

Partisanship precludes "intellectual honesty" -- but who can afford that? Maybe the sheltered and spoiled.

Mark Lee has an interesting perspective in the Washington Blade, “Both parties dumb down discourse.”

True, most of the major candidates have cowtowed to specific voters who say “I want” or “I need”.

Lee provides some interesting comments questioning the suitability of all the candidates, including the integrity of Hillary Clinton herself.  But Clinton (and to some extent Kasich) have tended to focus more on things that actually can be done with some specificity, such as (Clinton) removing the distortions in Obamacare.

I often get greeted by the idea that intellectual honesty and purity is a luxury of the spoiled privileged few, for those with fewer responsibilities for others and less involuntary exposure to personal risk. You can be spoiled and still not become a badboy like “Shane Lyons”.  I sometimes wonder if someone will propose more kids, more votes.

I can remember one time getting rather angry when a relative took it upon himself to recruit me into very partisan stuff inside the GOP.  And I acted with diffidence on a camping trip one time when someone tried to “save” me for Christ.

Kasich made an interesting comment recently, talking about “kindness”, about the man who takes a lonely widow out to dinner and invites her to wear her wedding dress.  It struck me how spoiled I must be, if I don’t know how to spoil others.

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