Sunday, March 13, 2016

Donald Trump's "hypocrisy" on free speech

Marc Randazza has a nuanced perspective on Donald Trump’s relation (or lack thereof) to the First Amendment, here.
The column points out that Trump won’t condemn the use of violence, and sometimes (indeed) seems to encourage it, even if he thinks he is speaking in hyperbole as a “godfather”, a kind of Brando from the movies.

The other candidates, especially on the GOP side, seem underwhelming, especially Rubio.
Toward the end of the article, there is a caption, “let ideas, not gangs, rule.”

All of this reminds me of times others have warned me that if I stepped out of place and drew too much attention to my own views, I could put others besides myself in danger.  An offensive idea, to be sure, but one that still bears on the morality of my own life.  Trump is right in that we have to be very careful now that we’ve made enemies.  I am still concerned about how he may view amateur Internet use should he “somehow” win in November.

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