Saturday, March 12, 2016

Can "volunteers" be sued for violating non-disclosure agreements? Trump campaign tries to test the water, but what about community service?

NBC News is reporting that the Trump campaign, for “Republican” candidate Donald Trump, is requiring some volunteers as well as employees to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, which could allow lawsuits.

However, most legal experts say that these agreements would be unenforceable, since the volunteers get no “consideration” in return.

But it’s obvious that volunteers who work with community service organizations (most of all, those giving services to people with HIV or other medical issues) must keep client information private.  For example, volunteers for groups like Food and Friends might deliver meals;  they would have to keep the PII of such clients private.
Another issue that has occurred with volunteering is a more subjective one:  degree of engagement. With some organizations or causes, piecemeal efforts are not as effective without a minimum degree of engagement.  This was a problem on at least two occasions in the 1990s, where people in the groups involved said I wasn’t keeping up with “what was going on.”

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