Sunday, March 06, 2016

A very silly campus speech code controversy in Maine, and then Cruz wins the GOP primary, promising "freedom"

Impeachment from a college student council in a private college may not be a big thing. But here’s another case of speech codes taken to absurd extremes.  Maybe the narrative at the college in Brunswick  Maine helps explain why Ted Criuz won the primaries Saturday.

The impeachment proceedings are posted online here.  Catherine Rampell explains the incident on p A17 of the Washington Post, “Political correctness devours yet another college, fighting over sombreros.”

The impeached students attended a campus party where some attendees wore party sombreros.
So they are accused of participating in “ethnic stereotyping.”  What about whole restaurant chains, well established trademarks, then, like Chili’s or Chevy’s.  What about Hooters?  Does it degrade women?

True, there is a time when lines are crossed.  I think the Washington Redskins would be better off if they changed their name on their own – although this past season they did much better.  (We could get into whether football is threatened by the concussion problem, but that’s another two-sided discussion.)  I could wonder about other pro teams, like the Cleveland Indians or Atlanta Braves (“America’s Team”).

It doesn’t seem that these colleges are very interested in their students being able to function in a real world, which is increasingly likely to need talent overseas.

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