Friday, February 26, 2016

University of Missouri professor fired, in part because of interfering with lawful journalism at a protest, an irony

Assistant communications professor Melissa Click at the University of Missouri has been terminated according to news reports, such as this one in the Columbia Tribune.   A factor in her termination was her attempting to order journalists out of a public space on the campus during a protest related to race.

Mark Schierbecker shoots the incident with Concerned Student 1950

Schierbecker discusses her “apology” further here.   

Some activists have wanted “media free zones” even in publicly owned spaces.   In practice, I’ve noticed in the past that some activists in the “Occupy” movement get angry if I photograph them but don’t “join in”.

Schierbecker has a picture link on Twitter showing objection to his journalism from others.  The tone of the text embedded in the picture is angry and shocking.  The activists see this as an "us v. them" combative event to which people either join in or stay out. 
Private property owners can ban journalists from private gatherings, of course.

But, for example,  in the distant past the presence of journalists at gay pride events has been a source of real concern, as people could get fired.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture from UM campus by Adam Proctor, CCSA 3.0 license.  

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