Thursday, February 18, 2016

I've posted by own wishes for any future "digital executor"

I have placed a special page on my Wordpress “Media” blog, called “Executor”, which give instructions as to how others can work with my media projects (novel, screenplays, music) should something happen to me suddenly, either passing or incapacitation. Accompanying this page is a lockbox list of individuals whom an executor could contact;  this list will not be published online.

I have been planning to leave these instructions for a long time.  But the sudden passing of a controversial Supreme Court Justice, seven years older than me, does give me reason to think about it further.

Because of the nature of this post, I am not right now announcing it on whitelisted social media (Facebook and Twitter). I’m counting on people to finding in due course by normal surfing, which it seems like “they do”.

As far as the “Afterlife” matters, I disagree somewhat with Stephen Hawking;  I think there is increasing reason to believe from physics that it must exist, and it is more nuanced than any one theology says.  I talked a lot about this on Dec. 12 (the “hollow heavens” v. the higher “focus” levels, which the Monroe Institute seems to support).  I think that one does know when one is gone, and may even get some “information” about what others are doing with one’s output.  One can do nothing about it, apart from possibly reincarnation (and that sounds like a good sci-fi movie plot, to be reborn and rediscover the life you left behind before).

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