Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Well-known conservative newspaper annoys online readers with poorly managed pop-up ads

The Washington City Paper has an interesting take on Washington’s “second newspaper”, the “conservative” Washington Times (TWT), by Matt Terl, “Unobstructed View: Please let us read you,  Washington Times.”

True, when I go to the paper, I find the pop-ups annoying, and ads that warn you about leaving their page.  The email list sends some sponsored content that sounds like it comes from the fringe.  Who wants to watch a 90-minute video that forces you to keep watching to find out the punchline about the next financial collapse?

I don’t think that this presentation strategy reinforces what is sometimes a legitimate and welcome conservative message (whatever its connection with the Unification Church).
I had three “letters to the editor” about gays in the military published in the 1990s.  The paper then published most of my LTE’s.  I only recently had an LTE published in the Washington Post about substitute teachers (Dec. 9, 2015).

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