Friday, January 29, 2016

Universities fight "open education" while begging for "open access" for their libraries from research journal publishers, a paradox

Eliot Harmon writes for Electronic Frontier Foundation, “Why are universities fighting open education?” The claim of the article is ironic, considering that university libraries have been “fighting” for open access, claiming they cannot afford the huge subscriptions for research journals (which their professors may need even more than their students)  All of that tracks back to Aaron Swartz.
Harmon’s article deals with the idea that universities expect to make money on their research, and are a bit iffy on the way they will handle patents (especially software), as well as their own conventional copyright claims.   The article does mention apparent requirements by the Department of Education that universities offer Creative Commons share-alike (“CC-SA”).
Picture: A neighbor's parody of NC's "Road to Nowhere".

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