Friday, January 08, 2016

More progress on "milestones"

OK, here’s a little more news about what’s happening in my own world, up close and not so personal.
I have mentioned that I may restructure my sites and blogs, and reduce their number and eventually eliminate some redundant content.

Yesterday, after looking at some articles on “security” (in a broadest sense) I did follow a recommended “best practice” and equated my three most important blogs on Blogger to Google domains.

I also compared the ease (and predicted cost) of using Google Domains with using Godaddy, here.

That would include this one, which now is called "".  The reason for the “me” (Montenegro) as a TLD is explained on my Trademark blog (last night) – to avoid stepping on distant relatives.  It’s slightly more expensive.

To use Google domains, you just go to “” and are invited to search for a domain name.  You may not get back the names you are looking for, as it seems to avoid names that other registrars may have parked as well as used.  I had much better luck going into the Blogger Control Panel, go to Settings, then navigate to Google Domains from there, where I found the names I needed that were logical for the blog.  I bought the domain on a card (usually $12 a year, including private registration), which took less than a minute.  I then let Blogger connect to the new domain. It takes about 15 minutes for the redirect to work (during which time the browser will get a DNS error).

Note: it seems that Google Domains does not let you just make up a spelling you want; that's probably a security measure to stop the creation of spam domains with names resembling well known trademarks except for one character's misspelling.

What happens is that, on the Blogger control panel, the names of the blogs and the way everything works remains the same.  But if you key in the “” URL into a browser (or click on  link to it) you get redirected to the new domain (which applies also to specific post URL’s, or to archive links).

The “me” domain does not work as a “naked” domain (without the “www”)  But (the other two domains that I "redirected") “Bills Movie News and Reviews” works and “Bills Book Reviews and News” works (without “www”).  There is no particular reason which “news” and “reviews” got switched – probably my dyslexic oversight ten years ago – so learning these blog names becomes like learning a foreign language – and how to conjugate irregular verbs. (The “Drama” and “TV” blogs put the “news” first.)
For the three domains, I had to add the Google Privacy Policy statement on cookies for EU visitors to the privacy policy on the template, because browsers no longer show it automatically.

In another few weeks, I’ll say more about further plans along these lines.
On Dec. 30, I discussed my progress on the screenplay.  I have since then turned attention to finishing this 1962 Piano Sonata on Sibelius.  (Yes, folks – the twitter @reply heard virally around the world – it’s my own “one long process piece that gets progressively less bad”).  By early next week, I expect to have the Coda done, and then it’s on to video (and to the piano miniatures).

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