Friday, January 22, 2016

Hollywood lobbyists want content screening of copyright databases to be mandatory

Eliot Harmon has an important piece at Electronic Frontier Foundation, “’Notice and stay-down’ is really “filter everything”,  It sounds like saying, don't eat spoiled food!  The idea is that if a DMCA takedown notice is unchallenged, then the same content must always be screened out in the future.  The copyright holder gets the benefit of the doubt without any due process.

Harmon notes also that the copyright “bots” aren’t really very reliable. YouTube’s “Content ID was developed as a business strategy, but copyright lobbyists want to make automated screening mandatory.

Is this one of the processes that slows down YouTube and Vimeo uploading and processing?

Would this modest proposal apply only to video, or to everything?  How could it even be workable?

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