Thursday, January 14, 2016

Campuses collar anonymous speech, fail to use due process with complaints

Electronic Frontier Foundation has written to the Department of Education about the importance of universities’ allowing anonymous speech on campus forums and sites, as in this editorial Jan. 13.

And, as expected, EFF reiterates its call that tech companies not be recruited as civilian posse’s to identify potential terrorists or recruiters online.

Today, George Will, in an editorial about Marco Rubio, manages to talk about campus speech codes indirectly, in criticizing university shredding of due process in handling complaints against male students supposed aggression on dates (toward females – although the new ABC series “American Crime” may pose the question in gay situations).   Likewise, campuses are quick to jump on speech as “micro-aggression”, conveying the idea that people have a fundamental right never to be offended.

I guess my own incident with William and Mary in 1961 could provide material for a study in campus “due process”.

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