Monday, December 21, 2015

McWhorter examines the flip side of campus speech codes and political correctness: are kids "whining"?

James McWhorter, professor of linguistics at Columbia, is talking about his Saturday essay “Closed Minds on Campus” on CNN tonight.

McWhorter talks about the concept of “micro-aggression” where even incidents involving simple matters of personal insularity become perceived as indirect aggression.  For example, I could imagine it would be seen as wrong to say I would never date or marry a person of an opposite or different race, because of the inference one could draw from that statement’s being “OK” in some collective social contexts.

McWhorter refers to a Dartmouth Review article without a direct, and appears to this Nov. 17 account of an incident there.

McWhorter also sees that the demand for some sort of loyalty to the political goals of the group develop into a new kind of bullying, as well as whining.  See related story Nov. 22.

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