Sunday, December 06, 2015

Internet service platforms work on ways to get around mobile ad blockers, to defend their business models

“Small Business Trends” reports that DoubleClick has developed a technology to get ads on mobile website displayed despite ad blockers.  The concept is called “native advertising”, where the ad is comingled deeply with the website content.

Internet service companies that provide free publishing platforms (most of all, Google) probably need to keep investor confidence that a reasonable percentage of visitors to sites (like videos, blogs, and social media pages) will see the ads and sometimes visit the sites behind them.  I don’t block the ads myself, or even stop tracking (and indeed everywhere I go I see ads from the cities I visit --- not just on a tablet or phone but on a laptop in a hotel).   Rarely do I actually visit the advertising site intentionally (I have done  so with new cars) or buy immediately, out of security concerns. Without advertising revenue, there would be no free social media platforms as we know them, and no free publishing services.  Think about the time that “free” broadcast TV was supported by those commercials.  (And, by the way, the typical hour-long daytime soap opera now has about 22 minutes of sponsors.)

One thing to bear in mind is that some advertisers don’t like to be placed on certain kinds of sites.  For example, airlines don’t like to advertise on sites with political content.

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