Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mike Huckabee sued for unathorized use of "Survivor" song in rally opposing gay marriage and supporting Kim Davis

Frankie Sullivan, who wrote the hit “Survivor” song “Eye of the Tiger” has sued GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (and/or his presidential campaign) for using the song (apparently words and music) in a rally supporting Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who would not allow same-sex marriage licenses to be signed with her name.  The music had been used (and authorized) in the film “Rocky III”.  This incident comports with recent concerns by EFF of both SLAPP suits and particularly using the DMCA takedown against political or social adversaries, disrupting their speech,  for using material in a way that will probably be shown to be fair use later.

ABC News has a story where Huckabee says the suit is vindictive, and politically motivated since Huckabee’s views, as expressed in the rally, disagree with those of the writer.

Rolling Stone has an account of the suit here.

But there was an earlier story discounting rumors of the suit at "That's fake" here.  Some media accounts before had also claimed Kim Davis would be a defendant

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