Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Citizen journalist Nydia Tisdale indicted for "resisting arrest" (so to speak) when being removed from filming a GOP rally on private property

Citizen journalist Nydia Tisdale has been indicted for one felony charges (obstruction of an office) and two misdemeanor charges in Georgia when she resisted a sheriff deputy’s removal of her from a GOP political rally where she was trying to film.  Patch has the story  (by Crystal Dixon) here.  A CBS station has an earlier story here.

It’s interesting and ironic to see the “right wing”, with its emphasis on free speech, objecting to being recorded in a manner that reminds one of left-wing campus speech codes or even the idea of media-free “safe zones” for demonstrations (which has come up in connection with Black Lives Matter).

She had been trying to record Nathan Deal and David Perdue at a GOP rally.  She maintains that she has the right to record and report what was going on, but the rally was on private property. OK, more extreme elements of society will say they have a right to plan in secret on private property.  I remember spying on a meeting like this back in 1972 (left-wing).  They spoke to their own choir, and would have resented outsiders.

Nydia tweeted this "Community News" story

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