Saturday, October 17, 2015

Suit against Aurous streaming service brings back downstream liability, site-blocking and pre-emptive screening for copyright infringers

Mitch Stoltz offers as disturbing report (for Electronic Frontier Foundation) about new litigation in Florida (filed Oct. 12) against a new streaming company Aurous which uses Bit Torrent which the major music and movie studios think is an open invitation to piracy. Joshua Brustein has another story on Bloomberg here.  The Verge (part of Vox) argues that Aurous’s legality is “questionable”, here

A curious twist in the argument is the “Would-a Could-a Should-a” idea that Aurous could have built copyright filters into its service. After all, YouTube does it, right? 
The suit also demands that all third-party services pre-emptively block Aurous.  That goes against the idea of DMCA Safe Harbor already in the law

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