Thursday, September 10, 2015

Was YouTube too quick to "censor" Nicole Arbour's videos (concerning medicine and body image)?

Media accounts (Medical Daily and USA Today) indicate that YouTube suspended Nicole Arbour’s “Dear Fat People” video(s) after going viral, as well as her Google+ channel.  But I quickly found a typical from her video working this morning.

She disabled comments, but says reaction has been a lot more positive than she had expected, generally speaking. She says she is writing about the issue as one of health and medicine, not something about attractiveness or body image or physical shaming.

Still, is this kind of material to be viewed as “offensive” in the context of more obvious issues (race, homophobia, disability)? 

A Facebook user asked, why doesn’t she “reach out” to people instead?
I can relate to the “body shaming” issue, but from a rather upside-down point of view.  In the past, others have acted that if they saw me getting into a relationship (marital) and keeping it, despite the lack of obvious physical attractiveness, I could set an example that made it easier for them.

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