Thursday, September 03, 2015

More on my own project management, and, yes, I need to get this done

I’d like to just share a little progress report on my own work, with some sense of project management and forecast, and a horizon.    
I had outlined by content goals on a posting here June 9, where I joked that I could be traded to the Mets and moved to New York (to work with other artists) if I really had worked my material up to where it is commercially viable. Right after that blog posting, the Mets went on a tear. Maybe somebody read it. 

I do have the novel (“Angel’s Brother”) largely complete, and a very good start going with Final Drat 9 on a detailed shooting script with notes for the screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Epiphany”); less progress on my autobiographical video (for those who haven’t or won’t read the books). My skill levels with Sibelius and Final Draft are farther along than my comfort is with Final Cut Pro.  

Once I have these “deliverables” completed it does become possible to focus on other opportunities (which right now can come from unwelcome interruptions, sometimes).  These include much more community service, networking with others on content projects, and possibly relocation (which would entail a lot of time, to say the least). At this point, I would expect to be at this point roughly right after Thanksgiving.   Of course, I know from the workplace, projects slip.  (I don’t want to become “CABCO III” – some friends from my years in Dallas know what that means – and, actually, I did learn a lot from a couple of smaller companies with projects that in one case failed and in another had totally inadequate infrastructure.)  

I really do need to get this done, in a reasonable time (a few months at most, not years).  I don’t have forever.  I don’t want to stretch my luck.  Just look at the rest of the world.  There are too many potential doorknockers, and once I inevitably have to work with others, I lose some of the autonomy I have taken for granted.  

That still leaves the question of maintaining the panoply of legacy sites and blogs.  There are just too many of them, and the legacy sites have a lot of obsolete material.  I’ve provided a “content navigation guide” from the home page of my “doaskdotell” site.   

I see that I had talked about this on June 22. Right now, I would expect to get to some big-time restructuring and consolidation of the material in 2016.  I think this is the first time I’ve given a time for it.  But I think the days of gratuitous “free service” for blogs could be numbered because of business model issues “upstream” driven by environments less sympathetic to funding by advertising (blockers, and “do not track”), as well as Wall Street pressure from investors, and possibly calls for more “downstream liability” for providers (as well as “right to be forgotten”).  It would be desirable to have all content on “owned” spaces, including specific software licenses – the way Bluehost works with Wordpress now.  

I could imagine a setup with just three domains, all Wordpress.  One is the “Media Reviews” to which all my current movie, book, and music reviews goes, with heavy use of labeling to filter out my running commentary on my own work (and to consolidate duplication).  That would include, in theory, about 600 flat-fire reviews from my legacy “doaskdotell” site.  

The footnotes for the books would continue on “doaskdotellnotes”, as would sales links.  It might be possible to set up e-commerce there to handle credit cards myself – if the security questions can be handled.  E-commerce is not that expensive, but the concerns over customer privacy right now are much greater than they were even two years ago. Possibly e-commerce would have to be a totally separate domain. But I would never have a third-party-designed site where all I do is sell books and pretend to be a guru to fix your life.  That’s not my speed.  

The current “doaskdotell” site might be moved to Wordpress, and become the news site that contains all stories that today go on one of my many news blogs.  There would be fewer posts, but they would be more original in terms of perspective.  Simple news story links, not needing much specific comment, might just be on Facebook and Twitter (and people can ask, why should I get bad news from YOU?) I simply won’t have the time in the future (as I see it unfolding) to sustain these forever as I have for the past few years (especially since about late 2008, the time of the financial crisis, when my own audience numbers spiked with bad news, of course – well, Obama’s election turned out to be good news on many issues for me).  

A typical Wordpress domain allows one blog, but as many other hierarchies of pages as one wants, or at least, that’s my understanding.  But I would have a tremendous amount of material to move.  I would need to automate the transfer somehow, and work with a hosting company (whether Bluehost or someone else) on capacities, bandwidth, and the like.  I’d have to do the analysis before going with something like this. 

Right now, Wordpress appears superior to Blogger in flexibility and control, but that could have changed by mid 2016, for all I know right now.  

The “BillBoushka” site might be moved also to this newer site, with the domain name just a redirect. I have eliminated sites before ("hppub" was moved to "doaskdotell" in July 2005, and the java site "johnwboushka" for "opposing viewpoints" was eliminated and replaced by a resume site, with the rest moved to today's "BillBoushka" in 2006). Most of this is still on the "wayback" machine on the Internet archive, I believe.  I almost never look. 
I get emails all the time offering SEO and design, but cookie-cutter services can’t really work here.  I have to know what I want first.

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