Monday, August 17, 2015

"Self-defamation" comes up again with an odd coverup among Michigan lawmakers

A bizarre story from Michigan illustrates the idea that “self-libel” is possible and can become significant.

A conservative state legislator in Michigan, Todd Courser, fabricated a false story about his own supposed liaison with a male prostitute, in order to hide a heterosexual extra-marital relationship with another conservative lawmaker, Cindy Gamrat.  There is an investigation into the possibility that both misused public funds in hiding the relationship, according to a CBS News story here

The concept of “self-libel” or self-defamation entered my own life with a bizarre incident when I was substitute teaching in 2005, as I have explained here before, on July 27, 2007.  But it has the potential to become significant and bring in the “implicit content” problem.

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