Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jesse Ventura wins defamation suit over book "American Sniper"

In another interesting example of defamation law, Jesse Ventura won a defamation lawsuit against the estate of Chris Kyle, in a case regarding a passage in Kyle’s book “American Sniper”.  The Dallas Morning News has a detailed story here
Ventura appeared on CNN Saturday morning to discuss the case.  He said the award will be covered by insurance and won’t cost the Kyle family anything.

The case involved a claim in the book that Kyle punched a man falsely identified as Ventura in a bar., when the man said the Navy Seals “deserve to lose a few”. 

Ventura maintains that the book falsely profited from misusing his name and reputation.  But Ventura, as a public figure, had a high bar to pass to win the case. (See details in another case discussed Aug. 1.) 

I met Jesse Ventura in person at an HRC dinner in Minneapolis in late September 2001, after 9/11.  I remember a conversation with him, that “it is safe to fly”.

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