Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Dining with Strangers": a new kind of niche blogging

Anthony Lacey, a 35-year-old Brit now living in DC (or the metro area), has carried niche blogging forward with a new twist.  About once a month, he takes a stranger out to dinner and writes a post about what the person does.  The activity of the person has to be interesting and uncommon or surprising in some way. Michael S. Rosenwald has a story in the Washington Post Friday, here. 

The URL for the blog is here, and if you look down a few posts, you’ll see a “strangers wanted” post and a travel schedule.  But many of the dinners are in Washington DC.

Does this sound a bit like the movie “My Dinner with Andre” (1981) by Louis Malle? That film was a favorite of Siskel-Ebert in the past, a film I saw twice (and I rarely do that).
Rosenwald reports that a lawyer looks at the posts before they go up.  I have no such luxury for mine. The news story also maintains that Lacey’s numbers are not that overwhelming, but that doesn’t really matter much (to impress me, at least).
One of the most interesting posts (to Rosenwald, at least), seemed to be a volunteer from the Washington Literacy Center, written back in 2012 (it’s post #44). I had not heard of the group, but should have.  He could decide to look at Food and Friends, or Whitman-Walker. 
Anthony does have a YouTube channel for his blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter. He also has a day job writing about environmental policy.

Picture: interesting coastal landscape near Provincetown, MA, south shore of Cape Cod, about two miles from Commercial St, my recent weekend trip;  landscape looks surreal, as if on another planet. 

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