Monday, August 24, 2015

About journalists, bloggers, news sites, newspapers, networks and labor unions -- do they mix?

I got an email, requesting donation, a while from Truthout, noting that Truthout is a union “news publication”.  There’s an article along these lines back in 2010, here

Now, I do follow Truthout on Facebook and many of its articles are very informative and expose a lot (of the wrongdoing on the right). I haven’t thought about it lately, but television networks are union (NBC had a NABET strike in 1976 when I worked there, and as a (non-union, salaried, exempt) IT employee I actually did some “strike duty” in Brooklyn and was paid extra. Many major newspapers are AFL-CIO.

I suspect that the newer digital news sites are non-union.

But it seems that if you belong to a union, and you write, you lose some freedom to say what you want – although I have belonged independently to the National Writers Union (NWU) when I lived in Minnesota, and it struggled with trying to offer media perils insurance.


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