Saturday, July 04, 2015

Vox perspective on today's freedom has a curious warning about military draft

German  Lopez has an interesting perspective for Independence Day, “5 Ways America is more free than before”, on Vox, link here
The ways include same-sex marriage, gradual marijuana legalization, reduced prison population, Affordable Care Act, and no conscription.

Yet, recognizing marriage at all means accepting a place for secular government in a personal relationship.  That marijuana laws seem inconsistent in other areas and hamper individual choice is a no-brainer (although when young people use it, they definitely are harmed).  The Affordable Care Act also involves a “push” by government that could spread to other areas.
The mention of the former draft is interesting. Zach Beauchamp points out that the world is much more peaceful than it ever has been – despite the horrific news from the Middle East and asymmetric terrorism.  He warns, enjoy “freedom from conscription” while it lasts.  He points to a Wiki on the Selective Service System.  Indeed, after 9/11 some people advocated returning to the draft and Charles Moskos advocated the return to the draft and the end of “don’t ask don’t tell”.  Indeed, the role of conscription as an important part of the way my first book argued against the military ban in 1997.  Vox doesn’t maintain freedom from the risks of the sacrifice of conscription (a bit akin to involuntary servitude) is a fundamental right, and that is curious.


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