Tuesday, July 07, 2015

So, at 72 (almost), can I ever work for anyone else again?


Okay, here I go again.  Can I ever “work for” somebody else again, at 72?

All issues are interrelated.  So, focusing on one “cause” by itself gives a misleading impression.
Of course, marriage equality matters.  Of course, black lives matter.  But most of these issues get approached by politically partisan rhetoric and related more to social loyalty than to looking at the truth about what happened in a particular situation. (The facts behind the Ferguson incident in 2014 are particularly disturbing, for both “sides” and the underlying truth isn’t entirely clear yet.)
So, I know it stirs resentment if I act “above” carrying somebody else’s picket or shouting in a crowd.
It is very difficult for me to sustain these platforms that cover “everything” forever.  It would indeed help to find some alliances, and there should be more effort in that direction this fall after I get done with my next level of “deliverables” on the screenplay, video, and music.  (The novel is practically done.)  Along with that focus I might indeed eliminate some older or redundant platforms (I’ve done it before, like in 2005).
What I’m most concerned about is issues that can affect “us” regardless of what “groups” we personally belong to.  
Of course, that would include, for example, climate change.  But there are still some factual aspects of the debate that haven’t been explored enough.
Or it might include protecting the infrastructure, especially the power grid, from big solar storms or unusual terror attacks (like EMP).  I visited Oak Ridge and blogged a lot about this in 2013.  I’m told that the power industry has made some progress in readiness.
Some financial issues can affect people unexpectedly, regardless of social affiliation. One example is filial responsibility laws.   A few years back, someone even said I should not blog about this because states might start enforcing them if attention were called to them. Imagine that, policy by hiding.  In fact, there would be an incident in Pennsylvania in 2012.
Even some fiscal theories, like the idea of the dollar as reserve currency, while not in good repute with the establishment (Porter Stansberry and Ron Paul’s ideas) may need attention.
Could I focus on one of these and become and expert?  I think so.
Furthermore, there are a few film projects I am aware of, and would work on, because I have some connection to the people.  One of these is “American Lynching” by the late filmmaker Gode Davis.   True, it involves race and one group, but there is a way to expand on it.  There are a couple of other projects that I won’t discuss right now.  (It’s a “you know who you are” situation if you find this.)
In the meantime, I still have to plug away at my own work.

It’s true, the old “gays in the military” (leading to the now expired “don’t ask don’t tell”) was what got me into this world (following a "Hurricane Sandy" model on how issues accrue), and now there is no turning back (especially given the ironic way I brought in the conscription issue).  I can’t become some other company’s or cause’s pimp on social media.

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