Monday, July 13, 2015

New digital world raises real ethical questions about how new journalists can make a living at it -- and support real families

Michael Wolff, in USA Today, discusses (in section B, Page 1, July 13) the culture shift in compensation in media jobs, “Media paths undergoing generational cleansing; Digital industry makes career paths fuzzy”.
It’s a two way street.  Young adults need stable jobs to raise families and pay off student debt. But Wolff points out that “non-economic players have been to the digital side” often “not supporting families or even themselves.”  I would disagree with Wolff – they aren’t always young people. I have acted as a largely non-monetized player, to the chagrin of some sales oriented company people who call me.  They think it’s not fair.  Maybe a reverse moral issue.

You could add a discussion, about whether a real writer speaks his real mind (as in the Train video “Bullteproof Picasso” or in Chris Crhistie’s stump speech – but that’s a politician, not a writer).  Or does a real writer prove others will pay for his content or does he agree to be hired to tell other people’s stories? 

That may come later for me.

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