Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How could I turn my blogs into a "super niche"?

So, could I define myself a “niche”? 
I have come to see the scope of my own reporting as a “business”;  so I don’t have a specific commercial “constituency” or a narrowly focused product or service to sell, apart from much larger general concerns about “sustainability”. 
But I could see the idea of narrowing the focus on those issues that (1) have a significant likelihood of adversely affecting many people with little notice and with their relatively awareness of their exposure beforehand, and (2) generally aren’t adequately covered by mainstream media.
For each issue, I could envision a well-structured blog, with various contributors.  Then there should be an automated mechanism to update an encyclopedia-like article (as opposed to blog posting) on the topic within about a week of the blog posting.  The repository could be an established compendium like Wikipedia, or something like Vox Card Stacks.  In general, non-blog posts (static articles) get better traffic over time.
In an ideal situation, there would be some peer review of posts before they went up, but on some issues, speed (the “scoop” factor) is still relatively important.
Some of the critical topics where I feel I could make a more focused contrition include the following:
Power Grid stability (such as threats from severe solar storms, and possibly terror-associated EMP, local or continental)

Some subtopics of climate change (which by itself is too broad to be just one topic)

Unusual cybersecurity risks likely to be faced by home users and small businesses

Downstream liability issues for Internet providers

Internet-based radicalization and "implicit content"
Business model sustainability for Internet companies and “real” users


How modern physics actually can support religious faith 
Hyper-individualism (has it gone too far?)
Filial Responsibility laws
Social Security stability
Population demographics
Right to be forgotten

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