Sunday, July 26, 2015

GOP seems pushy in recruiting bloggers with mail

So, Saturday morning, before heading out, I get in the mail this “document” with a “tracking code”, and saying “You have been selected to represent voters in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District”. It also says “Commissioned by the Republican Party”.

What follows are some typical survey questions about issues.  And the GOP is at a crossroads, having to balance its perception of religious freedom with more libertarian ideas of other personal freedoms, and it needs to back away from the past use of gay rights as a proxy for other attacks on misappropriated individualism.

But, as a “journalist”, I can’t “represent” anyone.  (Although I can imagine George Stephanopoulos or Anderson Cooper running for Congress someday.) 
I certainly can’t sign on to emotional calls to sack Obamacare, or to silly litigation to topple it.  But do something about the fact that it forces some people to pay for coverage they don’t need, or to pay more than they did in the past, yes.  And I have a hard time believing the public will accept people arming themselves every time they are in a movie theater or church. 
It’s late, on a Sunday night, after a wild weekend.

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