Thursday, July 23, 2015

Facebook, other tech companies, must turn over private posts in response to massive search warrants; social media and insurance fraud

Facebook is challenging a New York State appeals court ruling requiring it to turn over timelines and other information of users suspected in a fraud (Social Security) investigation, in response to a mass search warrant. Daniel Wiessner has a story (July 21, 2015) on Reuters about the ruling here.  CNN has a story that is a little stronger in tone here

Fraud investigators often want to look at social media posts (which may have been whitelisted as for “friends” or “followers” only) that show personal activity that would contradict fraudulent claims, as for disability.  Private insurance companies also look at such posts after claims are made but typically cannot find “private” posts.  

On the other hand, reckless social media posts by some customers have led to auto or property insurance cancellation in a few cases.  Another complication could come if a consumer discusses the circumstances of an incident in social media when there is an unresolved personal liability issue (as for an auto accident).
The Guardian has a major story July 7 on the way Facebook is handling “the right to be forgotten” in Europe by going through just one country first (Ireland), and still running into complications, link here

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