Monday, June 29, 2015

Why we need Grace

Here’s a Monday morning wakeup that sounds like a Sunday sermon (but fit in any faith), an essay in the Washington Post Style section (front page) by Sarah Kaufman, “A return to the grade of God and of man”, link here

Grace is not earned or “merited”, it is not something we “deserve”.

But it is essential to survival.  Without grace and the ability to forgive, anyone takes on the responsibility for the sins of anyone who wrongs him or her.  I’ve written recently that there is no honor in being a victim.  A “victim” still lives with the damage done by the greed, anger,  hostility (personalized or not), or indignation of an attacker.  Justice does not change that fact.

And grace is necessary because no one can be “right” all the time.  The principle of entropy in physics guarantees that.
Picture: scene from Fort Eustis, VA, yesterday, visit.  I was stationed there from Sept. 1968 to Feb. 1970, in an important episode of my life.  Details soon on a Wordpress blog. 

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