Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wall Street Journal piece suggests Apple doesn't need to keep on producing PC's in 21st Century

The Wall Street Journal has touched off controversy today with an op-ed by Christopher Mims, suggesting that Apple should ditch its PC’s (e.g. the MacBook) and focus strictly on “21st Century products”, link here
It’s not a good idea to leave the entire PC world to Microsoft,  The Apple MacBook is superior, in my experience, with video editing and music composition.  It may not be quite as efficient in some business environments (although Mark Zuckerberg seems to prefer it personally). It is generally more stable, boots and updates faster.  It’s a little more expensive for most users. 
The WSJ seems to take a silly view on what users want, superficial apps that help them with consumption behaviors.  Smartphones are the product of choice when you want to find the lowest price item at a grocery store, or a quick Uber, Lyft or taxi ride, or check who won a pro sports game, but not to watch a movie at home or author a book or a video.  Real content still requires a real computer, including a real keyboard.
The WSJ is acting like a short-term bean counter, like much of Wall Street.  Timothy B. Lee of Vox has a piece on Vox explaining why this is WSJ’s worst ever tech idea, here
There’s another debate going on, as to whether home users will even continue “buying” music (for collections, especially classical) at all, and this can have an effect on Apple.  I’ll take that up soon on the music blog. 
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