Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Twitter expands capacity to block undesirable users

Twitter has announced an expansion of its block list tool, allowing people to share the list with others in a community, as explained here. This capability, off hand, would sound open to abuse, to easy “blacklisting” of political or economic competitors.  Electronic Frontier Foundation, in an article by Nadia Kayyali and Jillian York, gave support to the expanded capacity, but with some reservations over the possibility of abuse and false blacklisting.
It’s also possible to report abusers for spam.
Just as a personal note.  I personally don’t think it’s cool to ask people to retweet one’s posts, or to send direct messages to people just to “sell” “your” latest service (whether it’s another self-published fantasy novel or children’s book, or SEO optimization).  Messages directed at specific parties should relate so some common purpose or experience that has been building up over time, not just trying to pimp a product. 
That goes along with what kind of approaches to “me” work.  Yes, I am interested in collaborating with people on projects (film, especially documentary, or news, or music) where there is some sustained commonality of substance (particularly with past media work) or general vision or world view.  Workplace jargon would be “good fit”.   But I’m not very approachable just to go out and work suddenly for someone else’s agenda (like, raising money for a specific political candidate or isolated cause).  Some of the pleas get annoying. (And, no, I’ve never been another family’s backup plan or insurance policy.)
Sorry, I guess I don’t practice “radical solidarity”.  And, as I wrote before, “It’s hard out here for a pimp”.


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