Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The subtle inference from a libertarian author's comments on "restitution"

I thought I would point to a “FAQ” by Dr. Mary J. Ruwart, from her “Short Answers to Tough Questions” (1998), following “Healing Our World”, from her website, about restitution, here.  

I wanted to call some attention to her point about whether there is “mercy” in a “libertarian society.” She points out that “any debt incurred by an aggressor represents a real injury or loss to the victim.” In other words, there is no honor in “getting to play victim.”  The victim, in effect, contributes to paying for the acts of the criminal or thief, in terms of real losses or at least station in life.  In religious terms, particularly in Christianity, this idea could be seen as justification for the need for a savior.  No one can be “right” all the time.  In my own thinking, I sometimes prefer the word “casualty” rather than “victim”, at least if there sharing of the risks to civilians posed by common enemies. 

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