Monday, June 22, 2015

Eventual reorganization of legacy material

Here I go again, more “strategic planning” (June 9). I outlined then the work that needs to get done (novel ready for submission, screenplay ready for presentation, comprehensive video, and music (the "big" Sonata). 
There’s a real question about so much old information on my legacy sites.  I’ve left it up so as not to disrupt the search engines.  But I agree it would be very desirable to cull all the media reviews (movies, TV, books, stage plays and music, and special cautionary items) into one format.
I see a lot of email in my inbox and Twitter feeds offering SEO, and some about website design.  Most of the services would work best for small businesses with a limited scope in content (“niche”) and a need to sell items.  Sometimes, niche websites do make money just from ads on their own content (that is, like Heather Armstrong’s “Dooce” and other mommy blogs).  That’s getting harder all the time.  One example that has been somewhat successful for a few writers is soap opera summaries and similarly detailed television episode summations.
Help in redesigning the platform for all my legacy content, and merging it with more recent reviews (since 2007) would be more expensive.  There are some good products connected t Wordpress, based on the idea that WP runs off MySQL  (source).   
Before doing any coding, I would have to do the “systems analysis”, just like we did when I was “working”.  You specify the “whats” before the “hows”.  Call it almost a business analyst effort.  I’d have to figure out how they should be aggregated, how they should appear, where ads would be, all kinds of things. I’d have to estimate space, but I doubt that would be a problem.
There is a lot of reason to think the “reviews” should be on a conventional site, indexed by title (and director, writer or composer) rather than “blogs”.  But the news blogs still provide a valuable history on how an issue evolved over time (like ending “don’t ask don’t tell”, or the Section 230 and DMCA and even SOPA controversies).  I my case, the postings on “ethics” often belong in the “food chain” because they consider the “downstream liability” or “brother’s keeper” questions so often.

I’ll have to get to this in the fall, when the four big tasks are done, along with a few more travel items. This would be a good time to get to the https SSL issue for all content. 

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