Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Could I trade myself (as a free agent) from the Nationals to the Mets or Yankees (maybe even Rangers, or Dodgers?)

It’s time for me to take a checkpoint on my own “work”.  

All of this concerns material I would like to see “published” or “performed” in regular commercial venues. At age 72 (almost), I have to think about putting it into a shape where others could work with it if something did happen to me. (No, “Timo”, I can’t tweet “I’m still young” the day before a “Happy Birthday to Me” image. 
I have am fairly comfortable with the draft that I have of my sci-fi-political novel “Angel’s Brother”, about 110,000 words.  I have created a Microsoft Access database that helps me keep track of all the “loose ends”, particularly character backstories (which can be “fact or fiction” relative to the narrative stream).  I have been documenting this on Wordpress, for example here
I am now reviewing the detailed treatment of the screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Conscripted” and I am building a similar database to track backstories.  I will probably “rewrite” the 110-page Final Draft Script.  I think that this effort would take roughly 60 clock hours.  In Tinseltown economics, that means development of an acceptable shooting script would probably cost about $12000.   
As for my music, the biggest effort is to lay out the Finale of my Sonata #3 on Sibelius in a manner that others can work with it.  I think I have a pretty good handle on the flow of it, but some thematic interrelationships are still a bit in flux.  One of the major themes came to me in a dream three years ago. Time to do: 40 clock hours.  
That would mean, I can use my own music for a film. 
The other mini-project is the non-fiction video, that covers the material in the three “Do Ask, Do Tell” books, assuming the reader hasn’t read either of the first two.  That will be kept simple at first, with the help of organizing shots in Power Point, and only then Final Cut Pro.   Time to so: 80 hours.
That totals 180 hours, or about one clock month regular work hours.  It will be spread out over more than that.  
The Blogger journalism will continue, and I need to get at least two short trips done.  It’s important that all the logistics works, and given the perilous world we live in, I’m dependent on infrastructure provided by others, even when paid for.    (Airlines are included.) 

It's necessary to use social media and self-publication vehicles to reach large audiences with techniques that often involve "free" content or low short-term income.  It's not possible to do this on the ground just with white-listed real people first, partly because any one group of people's focus will be too narrow.  
But I do network with some specific other parties, about the possibility of some kind of collaboration.  I won’t name them here, but “you know who you are.”  
So it looks like a busy summer.  But at some point, I will need to streamline.  That could man reducing redundant services (such as Cloud, cable, steaming, anti-virus).  I’ve waited on this until I reach the next “breakpoint” (that is, the 180 hours, the length of time, by the way, it takes to get a teaching license in Virginia, by coincidence).  
It’s also possible after getting to the breakpoint to consider eventually moving.  There is reason to believe that eventual teardowns will increase in my neighborhood (for future “mansions” or maybe even townhomes and new street cut-throughs).  I have no specifics, but this could happen in five years, I think. It’s a bit unpredictable.  It raises questions involving property-flipping and interim rental markets.  But downsizing and living in a smaller, modern, secure urban space would solve some “logistical” problems in letting me focus on my career.  Where would I go?  It’s easier to network if one is in New York or La, of course (or maybe Texas, like Austin).  In NYC, Brooklyn (the northern part), Queens, or some parts of the Bronx might work, with access to 24-hour public transportation, where “everybody is”.  I guess I could get traded from the Washington Nationals to the New York Mets (who are doing well again), just in time.  (OK, the Yanks are in the Bronx. It’s ironic that the Nationals play the Yankees in New York tonight the day I write this post.)  

Over the years, I’ve gotten unsolicited (and unwelcome) invitations to “do something else”.  Having made the argument that I made in the first book (and supporting websites) around “don’t ask don’t tell”) and bringing in an ironic and double-edged personal narrative so publicly, there’s no way I can use my “right of publicity” to do anything else.  I tried ten years ago to make this work out with possible “career switch” to teaching math – and I’ve documented what happened.  I got calls from life insurance and tax preparation companies to become agents for them – as if it were my moral duty given the domestic situation at the time.  (That tracks back to the posting Friday June 5).   
It’s also not “possible” for me to “pimp” one issue by itself right now.  Yes, I believe in “marriage equality” (and this is the week for Capital Pride), but to focus on “raising money” for one issue alone (or one needy “go-fund-me” client alone) would seed an incomplete and misleading message.  (The military gay ban of the recent past was an unusual “octopus” in that it naturally invokes so many other questions about social capital.)  I know this sounds pompous, perhaps dangerously so, that I am above “need”.  But I have to stay on track in order to get anywhere and do others real good with integrity.  

Update: Oct. 13

No kidding, shortly after I wrote this post, the Mets started winning, and whisked the NL East title away from the Nationals.

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