Saturday, May 16, 2015

Will conventional blogging go into decline? Introductory sites for beginning bloggers abound

Okay, on a humid Saturday afternoon, where there’s not the intensity for heavy stuff, I’ll mention that someone advertised to me her “First Site Guide” (and she even reminded me with a second email) on how to start a blog.  “Here it is”, link.

It’s set up on a PDF as a free “book”  (yes, “It’s free”, like the public library). 
The advice is pretty basic, compared to the technical details from Australian blogging guru “Blogtyrant” (who, I believe, is still considerably under 30).  And it may make more sense for niches and small businesses.
I also found a “” site that looks rather new and unfinished, but that seeks members. (Some of the existing member names were in the Russian alphabet.) By the way, I have a habit of having more than one Blogger panel open at a time.  It never seems to hirt anything.  Sometimes Blogger warns me that I am signed on twice.
I’ve also noticed that sometimes, when I pull up a blog, it pulls in an embedded video from the previous post instead of the current post, an automatic caching issue.  It goes away when I pull up the specific post.  I seem to have automatic Chrome caching on Blogger, but not Wordpress.
My analytics from Wordpress Jetpack seem accurate.  But Google analytics seems to undercount visits.  Some visits don’t get counted even when reloading the page.  And there are many more counts on specific pages from Blogger stats than reflected in analytics, sometimes, especially on politically “controversial” postings (like about the NSA, Snowden, surveillance, etc.) that normally draw more traffic.  Do Blogger counts reflect “spying”? 

Update: May 18

"Blogelina" has a tip page, of what you need, that is, if you have a niche blog, link.  The comments about Cloud storage are interesting.  It's interesting, that a blog has to meet a real "need".

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