Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blogging gurus give more detailed tips on content, and "Buzzsumo" is a very useful news evaluation tool

I keep seeing more blogging tips on Twitter, from several gurus. 
One of them is to use “BuzzSumo” (link) to analyze what content gets seen on various social media platforms.  That could be useful in telling a blogger what the most-visited versions of a news story will be, in choosing what to link to.  It could also give an idea whether a particular story is likely to be really significant for most visitors.  Try this today with “iPhone bug text fix”.   
And here is a lecture on a site called Moz on why “good, unique content” is no longer “good enough” to do well with search engines, by Ramd Fishkin, link (note Moz has encryption). He talks about “10x” content (getting into the top 10 for a likely search string). 
But being found quickly on SE’s isn’t always an objective for everyone.  Indeed it is for small business, usually.  Sometimes it is if it’s a subject matter blog intending to earn a lot of revenue (especially a mommy blog like “Dooce”).  Sometimes, a blog post continues a topic presented before, linked to earlier posts by Blogger and Wordpress labels. 
I do notice that Google has gotten pickier in search engine results.  It used to be that my Blogger movie reviews came up by name, but not so much now.  Wordpress blog entries now seem to do about was well as Blogger (with no SEO), when I think in the past Blogger posts seemed to come up first. 
There is some contradiction between various counts reported by Analytics, Adsense, and Blogger’s own totals (Adsense now only counts page requests that could have generated valid clicks, it seems).  But generally, I’ve notice that individual posts get more requests, and blogs get more unique visitors, when recent posts contain detailed content that isn’t widely available elsewhere.  Personal narratives and interpretations of personal events do increase visits (and it’s not necessary to give away PII).  Controversy generally increases visits.  Including embedded videos seems to help.  Adding updates to existing posts seems to get more visitors if the additional content is substantial and includes images or video.
Here’s a piece  on Techcruch?  What if Facebook paid users for content (when it actually generates ad revenue)?  The question comes up with Instant Articles.   There’s a site (encrypted!) that encourages patronage of content creators, here.  I’ve never been one to place a “tip jar” or say “go fund me” or raise money, because I don’t really have targeted “clients” or “fans”, so it seems a little tacky. 

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