Monday, April 20, 2015

Wikileaks pubs hacked Sony data, says it should be public domain; users might run legal risks

Cnet (story by Steven Musil) is reporting that Wikileaks has republished some of the hacked Sony data (ostensibly by North Korea, in conjunction with the movie “The Interview”) on a searchable database, story here.

Julian Assange insists that the data should be in the public domain because it is in the center of a geopolitical conflict.  But should the personal information of Sony employees and contractors be included in that p.d. area?  I hope not.

The leaked data even included some pirated movies and books.  I’d be flattered if mine were included.

There could be at least a remote legal risk  to a blogger’s deliberately linking to this database, given the Barrett Brown case in Texas discussed here before.  

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