Friday, April 24, 2015

Twitter announces new policy encouraging users to report abusive accounts

Twitter has made a formal announcement of a policy encouraging users to report accounts that promote terrorism, according to media reports Friday, such as here on “The Hill”, link , actual policy here 

Earlier this year, Twitter had admitted that it had a problem with abusive accounts, and alarmed some observers (like Electronic Frontier Foundation) that it would summarily close such accounts. 
But in the past, some have accused Twitter from benefiting from terrorism, such as here in the free “conservative” paper “The Examiner”, back in 2013
Authorities have been alarmed about foreign sources using unmonitored social media  to encourage random unstable people (“lone wolves”) to commit vengeful attacks based on “religion”.  (I won’t editorialize this further right here.)  The problem is probably more “serious” in western Europe than in the U.S.
Picture: from the military museums in Fayetteville, NC, downtown, off base from Fort Bragg.  

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