Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sometimes sites go dark and don't provide promised export tools; so use cloud services yourself

When a site goes dark, it’s pretty important to back up your material yourself, it seems.  Although many sites will offer export tools.  Sites do go dark.  In 2007, AOL ended its Hometown “blogging” service (an old Web 1.0 concept, very useful around 1998 or so) but it did provide export to Blogger. 
Today Jason Scott  (“Textfiles”) tweeted a Slate story by Jon Christian about an experience with “” when it shut down “MyFamily”, here
I typically put everything valuable in archive directories and let Carbonite back them up, on more than one computer.  (It used to be other backup services, like Mozy and Webroot, and, yes, I ought to look at Apple iCloud.) I also make copies on multiple thumb drives, and keep one of the drives in a safe deposit box, and rotate that copy once in a while.  Thumb drive capacity gets bigger all the time.  But really, dual hard drives may be the easiest way, with Seagate – that’s what Geek Squad pushes.  Optical storage (CD’s) might have an advantage of not being affected by magnetic attacks (EMP), which have yet to happen. 

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