Saturday, April 18, 2015

Random Earth Day 2015 speakers raise questions about hyperindividualism, and future generations.

Today, I caught some of the Earth Day celebration on the Washington Monument grounds, on the way to Filmfest DC downtown where I watched “Bikes vs. Cars” (review on movies blog today).
There were not many entrances and portable potties blocked a lot of the view from Constitution Ave. 
A speaker from the Interior department encouraged people to volunteer in programs on public lands.
She then made the comment that our Earth is not just something we inherit from our ancestors, we borrow it from future generations. 

People wore shirts mentioning "global citizenship", yet it is belonging to a specific family that may be more challenging.

Another speaker, from Bangladesh, noted how women don’t have privacy in their country even for intimate matters. 
And a speaker from Sweden said we have fifteen more years to meet certain carbon targets to keep temperature rise within acceptable levels this century.
All of this bears on personal morality.  Someone that doesn’t feel obligated toward unconceived future generations may not have the incentive to share resources and live efficiently (“communally”, for common purposes, as often ascribed to early Christianiy).

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