Friday, April 17, 2015

Bystander who took video of police shooting in North Charleston SC can charge for news outlets to use his video

The person who filmed the citizen video of the police shooting of a black man in North Charleston, SC will be able charge for showing of his video, according to a New York Times story by Frances Robles Thursday, link here. The bystander Feidin Santana had taken the video and turned it over to the family of the African-American man who was shot, Walter L. Scott.  

But a public relations firm in Australia, Markson Sparks, has been having cease-and-desist letters sent to news outlets to seek permission and pay licensing fees.  Apparently, the fair use application by news outlets expires quickly with time once the story is no longer immediately newsworthy.
It would be interesting to ask of the video would be licensed before being shown in a criminal trial.  I guess not, but since paid expert testimony is possible, maybe.  But this seems to be direct evidence.
Santana has his own attorney, Todd Rutherford. 
Nevertheless, some of the video is available free from news channels on YouTube and can be embedded.  There is video of the videographer giving interviews and annotating the event. 
Wikipedia attribution link for photo by Lee Keadle of Charleston SC "palmetto" harbor or waterfront under Creative Commons 1.0 License.  My last trip there was in 1993.  Other picture is Carlisle PA, yesterday.

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