Sunday, March 01, 2015

Salon article slams libertarianism; but can you step on self-definition, self-expression? Is personal relevance the missing idea?

Here’s a curious piece on Salon, pointed out by a Facebook friend today, “Libertarianism is for petulant children: Ayn Rand, Rand Paul, and the movement’s sad ‘rebellion’”, link here authored by David Masciotra Alternet (the last name is intriguing). It’s true, that the wrap-up of the idea “You’re not the boss of me” seems to apply to my own life. 
One thought that stuck out was a curious comparison of libertarianism to “anti-intellectualism”.  That seems way off base.  In fact, people of libertarian disposition often enjoy solving intellectual puzzles for their own sake.  In fact, it is a disdain for a certain kind of community engagement, and an unwillingness to lay aside personal “objectivity” and make necessary concessions for some kind of temporizing common good,  that sometimes gets libertarians in trouble.
Libertarians don’t like others to put boundaries on the way they define themselves.  But yet, one’s accomplishments don’t mean much unless the other people around really mean something.

I’ll be taking this up in my video series soon. And I did just order David Boaz's "The Libertarian Mind". 

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