Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blogger now offers expedited connection to unique domain names; but I need to think through a couple of issues first before signing up

Starting late Monday, I’ve noticed that when I sign on through Blogger to any one of the sixteen blogs on it, for the first time for that blog, I get a notice “Find a domain name for your blog and connect it instantly”.  I tried the link for one blog, and was invited to purchase the domain for $20.  I didn’t do it right then, and here is where I stand on it. 
I do think it is a good idea to connect blogs to independent A-record domain names (they will still end with “.com” and I wonder if a different tld would be more descriptive).  I already do this with Wordpress.
In the past, Blogger has always said you have to purchase a domain name first, from one of several companies (especially GoDaddy).  I will need to find out exactly how this works, with what company, now long the renewal term is, and the like  But it sounds like a good thing that the “WHOIS” connection is supposed to work, as Alan Turing says in a recent film, “instantly”.
The best reference I can find right now for this new capability is here in the Blogger Support forums.
There is another issue.  My main tech news blog is called “BillBoushka” (as one word, on my Blogger Profile)   I have a small domain (on Verio) named “billboushka.com” already, on a Unix platform.  It was set up in 2005 and had been originally intended to be a simpler map of the content on my “doaskdotell.com” which was set up to support my books.  More recently, in late 2013, I set up “doaskdotellnotes.com” on Wordpress with BlueHost, to provide more detailed “footnote” support for my third “Do Ask Do Tell” book that came out from XLibris in early 2014.  I also set up a “Bill’s Media Reviews” on Wordpress, to provide supporting materials for my own screenplay and documentary film proposals, for networking with others (and also information about my novel). On that blog, I discuss some films and books and television series that may have been covered on Blogger or earlier on the “doaskdotell” site (before I started using Blogger heavily for media reviews in 2007). 
There is also a site “johnwboushka.com” on Network Solutions, set up as a resume site related to my old career.  That succeeded a java starter site for that name when the service provider failed in 2006, an effort that had been intended to support an “opposing viewpoints” database.  Some of that functionality is now on MySQL on “BillBoushka.com” but I haven’t worked on it recently. 

That raises another question:  Why do I leave so much “old stuff” up?  I do work solo, and it is difficult to get to everything all the time.  In more recent times, most of my time has been spent with Blogger, Wordpress, and the music, novel and screenplay projects.  I see I covered some of this on Nov. 2, 2014 and Feb. 8, 2015.  Much of my behavior is “practical”.  It is difficult to say with certainty which platform will be the most reliable for the indefinite future, so I have an incentive to keep “old bridges” open.  Yes, geeks, there is a metaphor in the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg problem in topology (here ). 

So, with all this going on, I do need to process which blogs to name at the “A level”.  I would expect me to get this done within 30 days, because other work goes on, and I can’t stop “in the middle”.  I did sign up to follow Blogger on Google+, and see what is happening with other bloggers from social  media and help forum posts first. The most urgent is probably the Movie Reviews Blog (the largest).  

It's important to note that, with Wordpress, hosting companies often provide a copy of Wordpress in your space, and maintain the latest versions for you (or give you a link to refresh with routine software upgrades).  There is a difference, in terms of how TOS and customer support works, between this kind of full hosting (which is desirable), and merely equating a domain name on someone else's free space.  I'll have to check and see exactly how the new Blogger domain names work in this regard.  Another thing I would like to see all blogging platforms do is work cleanly with Microsoft Word (get rid of the unnecessary XSL), when the post is written off-line first.  Wordpress actually retrograded in this regard.
The blog named after me (by nickname) has to be thought through first because I already took my own name.  How is that for a trademark problem!

Update: Mach 27

Nitecruzr on Blogger offers this explanation of redirection, not his detailed sublink and detailed examples.  

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