Thursday, February 05, 2015

"Kifi" combines social networking with knowledge management

On my Twitter feed yesterday I found a promoted tweet for a “knowledge base networking” site caked Kifi

The idea is that you save links to information about various subject matter areas in “keeps” (yes, like in the horror movie “The Keep”): a main public area, a private area, and others that you can define. 
To actually save the link, you have to first update your browser plugin. You update the keep from the site you visited from the plugin, not from the Kifi site itself.  The pictures here show how it works in Google Chrome.
You can create an account through Facebook and apparently LinkedIn, or independently.
You can invite other friends to share knowledge areas.

Oddly, I couldn't find a YouTube demonstration.  The site has its own tutorial. 
This site would appeal to a workplace where research is done, like in a news organization.  Maybe it would appeal to screenwriters if collaborating on a documentary.
My own research activity today comprised mainly getting together technical stuff on software compatibility before buying a Macbook. 
But you wouldn’t necessarily want all of your friends or followers to see every link you had visited and save for your own use.  So the social networking aspect would have to be used judiciously. 

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