Sunday, January 04, 2015

YouTube videos can be public, private, or in a nether-world that is really still public

I’ve noticed occasionally that YouTube videos that I have embedded go “private” and no longer display, and occasionally come up as “this video does not exist”.  It is true, sometimes an embedded video disappears because the YouTube account was closed for multiple copyright complaints (DMCA) or a video was taken down due to a particular complaint.  So far, that has not resulted in repercussions for the blog that embeds it, other than it no longer shows or works (the space looks black or gray).
It’s also possible for a user to not list a YouTube video, so it doesn’t show up in search engines or on YouTube’s own search.  The user can still embed the video in his or her own site, and would have to disable embedding to stop anyone else from doing it.  However, when the video is embedded on the original owner’s site, you can still watch it on youtube.  You can save the URL.  If you enter the URL directly, the video plays automatically and the viewed count increases by 1, because there is no way just to see the thumbnail (as with a normally listed video).  However, if a visitor plays the URL more than once from YouTube, then YouTube will put up a yellow caution icon telling he visitor “please be considerate about sharing – this video is unlisted”.  However, in this case, YouTube is depending on the good will of the visitor.  The system would not prevent him from linking to it in Facebook, Twitter, or another blog or site.  However, such a link could cast the content completely out of context (like the case with my screenplay "The Sub").
ITArsenal has an explanation of this concept here.  I was not aware that this possibility would work this way until I stumbled onto it with a friend’s material today.  I won’t give the link now.  But there was material that was interesting in that it paralleled some things that happened in my own middle and high school days;  we’ll get to that later.
As for my own videos on development, I’ve put them up as public.  In the middle of this month, I expect to upgrade my ability to edit videos (with a new Mac and a new operating system, and new version of FinalCut  Pro, which appears to make some editing I need much quicker to do.).
One of these, typical, from early November, shot on Skyline Drive VA, seems preparatory and preliminary, but I don’t see any real harm in letting it be public, even if incomplete. It is a work in progress. 

The work continues.  

Update: Jan. 5

Another little point: the other day, somebody "tagged" me on Facebook and 28 other friends with an NFL clothing ad.  I doubt it is harmful, although I don't like seeing other people's commercials passed on to my friends as if they were mine.  It make be a way to get quick ad revenue (perhaps unethically, or against TOS).  I have no problem with the NFL -- I had tweeted a lot recently that the Redskins ought to change their name to something like Warriors and get the name controversy behind them so the players can concentrate and have a better 2015 season.  

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