Monday, January 19, 2015

Past sermons, like "What it means to be a man" and "Why we don't get things done"

Back in 1966, when I started graduate school at the University of Kansas, I sometimes walked down to Massachusetts St. in downtown Lawrence from “Mt. Oread” (150 feet higher) to “regular” church services on Sunday mornings. 
I found a Presbyterian church where the minister gave funny sermons, including one “What it means to be a man”, and was willing to talk about James Bond movies, and about Sean Connery as a male role model for the times.  Really.
There was a Methodist church nearby where the minister one time gave a sermon, “Why don’t we get things done?”   That strikes me as important today.  At 71, I don’t have forever to complete my own path in life, and sometimes I can’t afford distractions, disruptions and delays. But there’s also the whole problem, we get diverted because we make little mistakes that at least then keep us on edge (in an OCD sense).  We make oversights because we aren’t paying enough attention to input coming at us until we are ready to listen to it.  Maybe it’s easier to pay attention when you have others to provide for.  That’s the paradox.  One could imagine a sermon “The Mind Your Own Business Society”.    

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