Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Copyright for Creativity" group in Europe issues a "Manifesto"

Here’s “The Copyright Manifesto” (oh, no, not another “pronouncement from on high”), for the European Union, from a group called “Copyright for Creativity”, with link here
The basic flaws concern the lack of a “fair use” idea and inconsistent specific “exceptions” among all the different constituent countries.

There is also a paper by Julia Reda that allows users to make comments, here

In fact, in Europe, there is no copyright exception for works produced in the public domain, and the legality of hyperlinks and embeds is questionable, although a decision made in November (reported here on January 14).
Many companies (especially producing independent film) often produce and distribute “European” works in the United States now because American law, for all its flaws, is still clearer. 

If only Aaron Swartz were still around…  

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