Sunday, December 14, 2014

DOJ lightens up on letting NY Times reporter and CBS producer protect sources after CIA leak

There is some reassurance for professional (at least) journalists in the decision by Eric Holder not to subpoena New York Times reporter James Risen, at least to give confidential sources, in the trial of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA official. The story by Sari Horwitz is here.  Risen authored the book “State of War”.  NBC has a similar story by justice reporter Pete Williams here

The story may seem more politically compelling because of the recent report on CIA abuses, but it isn’t directly related.

Apparently the DOJ also reversed itself and decided not to subpoena a CBS producer, Richard Bonin.
It is very unlikely that protections would apply to amateur bloggers, when they somehow come into contact with classified information, which probably happens more often than is generally realized.  I contacted authorities several times on unsolicited (non-spam) items emailed to me in the years after 9-11.  

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