Friday, December 12, 2014

Do "real men" take foolish risks to "protect" others?

Here’s a little story that says a lot about me, from Vox: “Men are much more likely than women to take truly idiotic risks that cost their lives, by Joshua Stromberg, on Vox, here. Case in point, look art the behavior last summer of Washington Nationals's outfielder Jayson Werth, here. 
I was very different from this daredevil model as a boy.  I wondered why boys bash themselves playing football.  I did develop a liking for softball and following baseball because of the physics of the game.   I had trouble learning to ride a bicycle, and today wonder when I see kids riding the wrong way or run lights, making drivers unable to see them when turning until too late. 

My father always noted that I had an unusual objection to “getting hurt”.   That seems selfish.  Boys, in becoming men, were supposed to join together and fight to protect women and children. You see that now, overseas. I resented it.  Women seemed privileged.

What caused all this.  Was I “autistic”?  Maybe.  I was good at my own things, piano and books, and my brain pruned away all distractions early.  I would admire men who were smart but better at everything. That’s the “Clark Kent” effect (or maybe Ashton Kutcher).  All of this would get to be viewed as a moral and character problem, because, in a world that supported a military draft, I was leaving the risk taking for others and cheating the system.

Later, when I became self-published, others who used not to be within my sight horizon and not my “business”, would knock on the door and try to get me to adopt their goals.  All a very interesting progression. 

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